Kozo Girls: Because no girl should have to miss class due to her period


As we commemorate the International Day Of The Girl Child, Third World Girl would like to recognize an initiative that is working tirelessly to ensure Zambian girls stay in school.

Kozo (meaning comfort and peace in Lozi) Girls is an initiative that was created to manufacture menstrual pads for Zambia’s school going girls that are not only beautiful, but reusable.


For the longest time school attendance of young girls in schools (especially in rural and peri-urban areas) has suffered due to the fact that at a certain time of the month girls tend to refrain from attending their classes. This is because they don’t have sanitary products to use when they’re on their period (menstrual cycle).  Either they don’t have access to them or simply cannot afford them.


On average, in Zambia, a packet of sanitary pads sets a girl/woman back about K14 (about $1.40) or more per month. A pack of tampons would set them back anywhere from K20-k40 (about $2-$4) or more per month. While it may seem like a small price to pay, to those below the poverty line (about 40% of Zambians), that’s money that can be spent to feed a family for a day a two. Because of this a staggering 81% of girls miss class because of their periods. Kozo Girls is working to change that.

Not only are they providing these products which girls can use for at least 12 months in order to keep girls in school; they’re also equipping girls with entrepreneurship skills and creating employment.

We commend Pact for their efforts to create this initiative. For all the work they’re doing, we say  “thank you”.

Thank You Love Heart Word Cloud

If you would like to support this initiative visit the Pact website or get in touch with them on the contact details in the poster above.

Make sure you stay tuned, Third World Girl will be visiting the Kozo Girls workshop soon to conduct an interview and let you know just what goes into this amazing initiative.


Happy International Day Of The Girl Child everyone!



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