Happy (belated) New Year y’all!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of DMs asking “Girl, where you at? You haven’t blogged in forever!”.

Yes, unfortunately even the most awesome bloggers get busy sometimes. Before I get into complaining about how hard “adulting” is, and how it’s keeping me away from my blog…


I was so happy to come online after so long to find new followers and readers from all over the world on my stats despite the fact that I haven’t written in so long. You guys are the best!

ThirdWorldGirl is at that awkward point in her life where she has to focus on “adulting”, starting her career, traveling and heading towards her Masters. She hasn’t been able to write as much as she would like, but sheeeeeeee’ssssss bacccckkk. (Yes. I just wrote about myself in the third person to sound cool. Don’t judge me.)

As we get into 2019 (yeah yeah, I know it’s February already but lets pretend its January the 1st okay) ThirdWorldGirl will bring you more thought provoking articles, interviews, content to make people upset enough to write some hate mail, and content to make people say #yaaasssss. From #HerBodyHerChoice, to the R Kelly saga, to police arresting a 16 year old girl for wearing a mini-skirt, to so much more.


Stay tuned everyone!

It’s about to get super…

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