Quick thought: why all the relational aggression and mean girl tendencies?

So I’m going to address an issue that’s rarely addressed. Neither  in general, nor in the realm of feminism. “Relational aggression”, also known as: “the mean girl syndrome”.


We’re going to talk about it because clearly it’s not some childish phase we leave behind. Oh no. We grow up and it becomes a whole lot worse.

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Let’s Talk About: Toxic Internalized Sexism/Misogyny


On social media I follow a page (name withheld), that’s used as an advice forum for Zambians seeking advice pertaining to a number  of issues ranging from relationship woes, to marital disputes, and so much more.

While most of the time just reading the page provides comic relief because it’s 50 shades of  foolishness; a lot of the times I cringe at the number of sexist and misogynistic Continue reading “Let’s Talk About: Toxic Internalized Sexism/Misogyny”