Quick thought: why all the relational aggression and mean girl tendencies?

So I’m going to address an issue that’s rarely addressed. Neither  in general, nor in the realm of feminism. “Relational aggression”, also known as: “the mean girl syndrome”.


We’re going to talk about it because clearly it’s not some childish phase we leave behind. Oh no. We grow up and it becomes a whole lot worse.

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Inspirational Woman Of The Week: Cindy Kajoba Mithi

1529622529507Mustafa Kemal Ataturk once said, “Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women”.

When I think of women, who boldly express their creativity in Zambia, one of the first women that come to mind is:

Cindy Kajoba Mithi.
A name many are still getting to know, but certainly one worth knowing. From being a fellow blogger, to founding an online store, to being a designer –she’s a jack of all trades.
This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy and getting to know just a little more about her.

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Diaries of a Christian Feminist: Yes, we do exist!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe in two things: my faith and my African feminist cause.


For as long as I can remember God has been the focal point in my life but I only truly made the conscious decision to be saved in my early teens.


This was a result of having the pleasure of going to a Christian school in my primary years, where I learned just how much God truly loves me.

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Let’s Talk About: Toxic Internalized Sexism/Misogyny


On social media I follow a page (name withheld), that’s used as an advice forum for Zambians seeking advice pertaining to a number  of issues ranging from relationship woes, to marital disputes, and so much more.

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Have we lost the true essence of International Women’s Day?


As many people know, the 8th of March was International Women’s Day. A day that’s set apart to commemorate the movement for women’s rights world over.

In Zambia, Women’s Day fell on a Thursday, two weeks ago, with Youth day the following Monday. Because of this, the President declared it a 5 day long weekend. (Economically a terrible move, but that’s a topic for another day and another blogger).

I spent part of my Women’s Day doing what any overzealous 21 year old feminist would do: reading up on the history of Women’s Day and the movements that lead to its commemoration.

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How about a little more respect and a little less misogyny?


It’s no secret that all too often, men are intimidated by powerful women. This is especially true in African/third world societies. From female politicians, to business women, to any woman in a powerful position; backlash can be expected. The fact there are women who are successful, having spent their lives setting up goals and succeeding in reaching them; challenges the very notion of misogyny in patriarchal societies.

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QOTD: So, when did catcalling become okay?


From time in memorial one form of catcalling or another, is something women have had to endure. It is however apparent that in recent years catcalling has become more aggressive, more vulgar, and more offensive.

While the definition of catcalling varies from dictionary to dictionary within the context it can be defined as:


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Dear diary…

weight loss

So, today we’re going to do something a bit different.

We’re going to get a little personal.

I  initially vowed I wouldn’t really put much about myself on this blog, but rather focus on the subject of African feminism.

With time however more and more people had been asking me to share my weight loss story.

You see in the past nine months I’ve lost A LOT of weight.

Those who actually know me have seen my drastic transition and know how much of an achievement it is for me. With this weight loss came a lot of other women are asking me to share my story and how I did it.

Admittedly I’m super hesitant because talking about myself makes me feel vulnerable. Vulnerable to criticism of the person I was before in a fat-phobic world. I’m not really one to put myself out there, but this blog was created to make a difference. If telling my story makes a difference I suppose -it’s worth the risk.

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