Objectification of Women: Zambian facets

Just what does objectification mean in Zambia?

Objectification of Women: Zambian facets


You’re getting too educated you won’t find a husband”  


“You’re a girl! Don’t dress like that! You won’t find a husband!”


“Let’s have sex. It’s no big deal. I’m a man, I have needs!”


“Look at my secretary isn’t she a worthy decoration for my office”

 – Boss

“You’re perfect for this job! Your nice body will attract more clientele”


“Girls cook, sweep and clean or else you won’t find a husband”


“No man will accept this!”


“Make me a cup of tea

–Male corporate Director to female Director


These are just a few of the objectifying and sexist remarks Zambian women are faced with day to day. Being treated or perceived as objects as opposed to equal beings has persisted within the Zambian society despite education, religious awareness, or social exposure. While it should be noted this in no way insinuates that this problem is exclusive to Zambia, nor is it practiced by every Zambian; it is important to note that it is especially dynamic from a Zambian/African perspective in that it comes from both men and women therefore having negative impacts on our society.  Continue reading “Objectification of Women: Zambian facets”

Yes, I am an African Feminist!



Being a feminist seems like a simple enough concept to the world, but few realize the complexities that come with being an African feminist.  This is because culture often times requires women to be subservient to men, resulting in vast inequalities.  Perhaps one of the most highly criticized groups of feminists, because of the culture we live in. With strong traditionalist culture the concept of one choosing to be a feminist is unfathomable because its seen as wrong. This is mostly due to so many misconceptions about the movement. So now that you’ve found yourself here, let’s take a moment to set a few things straight:  Continue reading “Yes, I am an African Feminist!”